Religious art

Daniel DuPras

I added this piece because of the way the colors work together. The composition shows madonna and christ as symbols for religion.
This piece is an altar that i chose because of the little story it tells in each section related to Christianity. Also the gold borders make it look awesome.
I chose this piece because of the way it resembles a picture form of what is to believed to be the afterlife. I also like the way it portray's depth.
I chose the piece because of what it is supposed to represent. The book is the bible and the lion with its halo represents God.
I chose this on again for its religious purpose and the way the lighting and composition in the image is made to focus on christ.
I chose this one because it is a battle between the venetians and Padua. For me this symbolizes a constant struggle. The challenges we all have to face to reach are goals and that death is always around the corner
This fresco was chosen because of its religious context and how the lighting and everything else focuses on christ. I also like how the whole wall is crowded except for the area of jesus.
I chose the triumph of venice because of the way it shows the higher you get the holier you are until you reach jesus and he stands on top. The gold border was also a nice touch.
Again this was choses for its religious intent. It has a great image of Jesus coming down to receive offering that have been made to him.
This was choses because of the way the light displays the death of christ and it only the faces of the people who are morning while jesus is in full light.
this was choses because of its simplicity and it just shows the light coming of of him. it sumerizes how powerful and merciful he is.
I chose the marble shepherd because they are always displayed in the bible as great people and the are used as analogies in the bible. I also like the form of him you can actually see he exhaustion in his body
I really enjoy this piece of st. Michael defeating an enemy . The light shines down from above and just makes it look amazing.
This piece of the last judgement was chosen because of the way it all comes together the whole painting is crowded except for the altar where the judgment will reign the colors complete the painting.
I chose this piece because it threw me off a little bit. The focus of all the people is on jesus but the light shines brightest from his mother Mary. I do enjoy looking at this piece because it represents the beginning and the colors make it flow nicely together.
Credits: All media
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