Blue as the Darkest

Jose Gonzalez. A collection of paintings based on color.

I selected this painting because of the effect blue has. It intends to portray depression and sadness. I think it's a great painting to demonstrate the mood that blue conveys.
In this piece blue determines time, in this case dawn. Still, blue provides a calming mood which is characteristic of that time of the day.
In this painting blue is the contrast of day. I like this painting because it's like day and night waiting but still have the same struggle, blue represented as sadness, fits perfectly.
Wood painted in blue. Blue provides a modern and aesthetically pleasing mood for the eye. It is a perfect color to use in contemporary paintings.
This is my favorite painting from my selection. I like how blue makes me feel order and how the contrasting reckless lonely bee doesn't want to follow the pattern.
The beautiful calming nature of the water and the nocturne environment gives a lonely but beautiful and pleasing ambience to the painting. All thanks to the calming effect of the shades of blue.
Using blue as part of the environment around a subject and using elements to determine a status in a painting works very well. It's easy to notice that he's a lonely person, blue contributes a lot.
When I see this painting, blue makes me think about isolation.
I love the blue that is used in this painting. It's used to symbolize magic and it works because of the fictional characteristics that we often associate with blue.
This painting grasped my attention because of the feel blue provides. Peace, freedom, and renewal. There are elements that demonstrate being defeated but blue gives the sense of space and comfort.
Blue helps me to make a foreshadowing of the ballerinas. Behind the stage they are sad and live a horrible life but stage everything is vivid. In my opinion blue represent their cruel real world.
Blue Graveyard represents the cold isolation and the oblivion of death.
In this abstract work, different tones of blue are used to determine depth. Red works as the contrast, I see red as a flat surface thanks to the effect blue provides.
This painting makes me thing about change, of how things are different in environments but in the same situation. Blue affecting environment, in this case because the nigh, creates a moody setting.
The blue in her makes me think about being hopeless and depressed. Away, isolated, with broken dreams, without a goal to follow.