Stories of Jesus and other bible stories relating to the sea - Mark Bowker

I chose to fill my gallery with mostly paintings that relate to Jesus and stories about or relating to the sea. Each of the paintings and the one drawing are about popular bible stories that mostly tell of some sort of miracle performed by God or Jesus that involve some aspect of the sea. Some of the popular bible stories include: Christ calming the sea of Galilee, Jonah and the whale, Moses and the crossing of the Red Sea, as well as several other popular stories from the bible.

This painting by Eugene Delacroix depicts Jesus out in a storm on the Sea of Galilee. Shortly after Jesus would calm the Sea. You can see how Delacroix painted Jesus sleeping to show the calmness that he felt inside as well as his lack of fear. I like Delacroix's use of movement with the waves. It makes you feel how the storm is raging as well as how he painted the sails being struck by the wind.
This painting is showing Moses and Aaron leading the Jewish people to the promise land represented with footprints. You can see the larger footprints that represent Moses and Aaron. You can also see how these larger footprints have six toes to show that they are not regular humans. You can also see Jarinyanu's use of pattern and repetition of the footprints to show that a lot is going on in the story behind this painting,
This painting tells and depicts the story of Jonah and the whale. The sailors in the boat blame Jonah for the rough seas and pushed him into the mouth of the large fish. He spent 3 days in the belly of the whale until he was vomited up. Mostly I notice how he shows movement with the swirling of the waves.
This painting shows the Jewish people after they had crossed the Red Sea. You can see the Egyptians being engulfed by the sea after it closed back up. I notice Bening's use of perspective, seeing how the hats look smaller for those people further down the line as to make them look further away and to show that there was a massive amount of people being led by Moses.
This painting shows Jesus walking on the water as he pulls up a man that is falling in as the man is looking up at Jesus with desperation in his eyes. You can see the artists use of emphasis and focus as he lightens up Jesus to use him as the focal point.
This is based on the artists memory of the Sunday sermons of Reverend Powell. The picture shows the brightly colored reverend giving what must be an awfully powerful sermon about Genesis and creation. Lawrence uses color very well in this painting. The enormous bright red cloak of the reverend draws you to him and makes his character look larger than life.
This painting shows John the baptist pouring water over the top of Jesus's head to baptize him. Above, you can see the holy spirit in the form of a dove and below there are three angels to witness the act. Paolo shows great use of color in this painting. The bright colors make the sky seem life-like and the trees almost seem real.
This painting shows the story of how Peter was unable to catch any fish throughout the day. Then, Jesus told him to believe and throw in his nets. When he pulled in his nets he was blessed with an abundance of fish. The artist uses color or more specifically shade and light to make Jesus appear as a divine being.
This is a print that shows a large crowd gathering around to hear and see Jesus preach to them from a boat that is right off of the shore. The artist shows great use of perspective in the way that he draws the scale of the people. He makes it look like the people are the exact right size that they would be if you were standing behind them taking a picture.
In this painting you can see a ferry boat loaded down with animals and passengers. This tells the story of when Jesus sent Peter to the lake where he finds a coin in the mouth of the first fish he catches. This money helps pay tribute to the temple. I enjoy the use of light and color. I like how you can tell that the sun is setting by the way that the sun is shining in one of the characters eyes but how the people in the back of the boat are in the shadows.
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