The theme of 'Whoops-A-Daisy' is a floral theme, and all the artworks show the different meanings of these wonderful petalled plants. Each painting belongs to a different frame, either Structural, Subjective, Postmodern or Cultural. To me, this theme means it shows that the flowers are a true delicacy to the world today, and it tells me that people respect their surroundings and the environment that we live in.

Structural Frame~ This artwork shows different concepts of the Structural Frame. This is shown through the variety of colours used for the flowers, and also the formed shapes are irregular and unique
Subjective Frame~ The artwork 'Blue Night' shows characteristics of the Subjective Frame. One of those characteristics is that the artwork is expressive and realistic, as the artwork resembles reality
Postmodern Frame~ The artwork shows concepts of a Postmodern Frame as the artwork, is influenced by the media and society. This is shown as the materials are unique and different to create the artwork
Cultural Frame~ The setting of the artwork 'Butterfly's Dream' characterises the Cultural Frame as the dark blue sky, trees and the hills show that the artwork defines place, including social elements
Credits: All media
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