Photography as an art medium

This gallery will take a deeper look in a field of art that is mostly known for its visual appeal. All of these powerful photographs carry a lot of meaning and are much more than just pictures.

This photograph of a man and a woman having a conversation has one menacing twist. The man in the picture is widely known as the most infamous character of the modern history - Adolf Hitler. Photograph taken by Hugo Jaeger, colorized, 1942.
This photograph was taken near the end of World War in USA. As the war efforts lead by allies continued, those in the states tried to lived their lives in the most normal way possible. Pictured here is a billboard advertising the premiere of the movie "Kismet" on its opening night in New York City. Taken by Andreas Feininger, 1944.
Vietnam war was arguably one of the most controversial wars in the modern history. Hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese people caught in this war were forced to relocate. This photograph by Carl Mydans was taken in 1968, at the height of the Vietnam war.
This is one of the few pictures of the "Mobile Riverine Force." During the Vietnam war, MRF was instrumental in carrying out rapid "strike" operations against the Vietcong. MRF was instrumental in securing the Mekong Delta, a part of Mekong river with a myriad strategic choke points and bridges. Pictured here. the MRF retrieve one of their vehicles out of dirt. Colorized, Alfred Eisenstaedt.
Nikita Kruschev, center left, was a leader of USSR during the height of the Cold War. A controversial leader, he helped establish a diplomatic relationship between Cuba and the Soviet Union, the effort which later led to the Cuban Missile Crisis.
What at first seems like just a picture of a nice classic car, actually has a much greater historical significance. This is the vehicle used by Kennedy the day of his assassination. This photograph was taken a few hours after, at the hospital where Kennedy's body and the passengers were taken. The seats are stained with blood. Arthur Rickery, 1963
"Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate. Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" Famous speech by Reagan made in 1987, two years before the fall of the German Wall and one year before USSR fell apart, was an incredibly powerful statement to the tension between the two superpowers. However, after USSR ceased to exist, the diplomatic relationships between Russia and USA improved greatly. Pictured here, leaders of the two nations reunite. Life Photo Collection, 1992.
Space exploration is a risky business. Those who put their lives in danger to explore space outside of Earth are true heroes. There is a real danger of never returning back on the surface of the planet. Unfortunately, the crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia has suffered that fate. A loose piece of shielding caused a catastrophic failure of the fuselage of the shuttle, killing everyone on board. LIFE Photo Collection, 2003.
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