Jake Begins a new School

Jake is a new boy at school. Today I will talk about how I would help Jake adjust to a new school. I hope you enjoy my story. 

Jake dresses very differently from the other children at his new school. The other students wear very boring clothing. However, Jake likes to be different.
Jake also likes to smoke.
Jake is still very nervous when he starts his new school. He is worried about making new friends.
On the first day of school, the other students are not very nice to Jake. They treat Jake like an outcast, and Jake is very sad.
Jake would probably sit alone, because the other kids might tease him.
Unlike the other students, I would be nice to Jake and play with him. For example, we could play with a car tire.
We could also go outside, and blow bubbles together.
Jake would be very happy because we are friends now, He won't be scared or nervous to come to school, because now we are friends.
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