Industrial Beauty

Art pertaining to industrial buildings is often time over looked. Normally when you see things like power plants with smoke rolling out of the stacks you wouldn’t think to make an art piece out of it, but when its laid down on canvas it somehow becomes a thing of beauty.

After gazing over a waterfront you see an industrial factory as the centerpiece in this painting. The water looks as if it’s moving towards you. At the top of the smoke stacks it looks as if there is a little bit of smoke rolling out and with hazy clouds it gives it almost a dreary feel to the piece. This scene can be seen in thousands of towns across the world and is good representation of industrial areas.
Once again this piece of art here is another good representation of an industrial area. Looking across a river that looks to be flowing away from the viewer you see the centerpiece of a couple of factories. As you look at the smoke stacks you can see heavy smoke billowing out into a hazy sky. The green vegetation around the river gives this piece a cheerful feel.
This painting shows what appears to be a typical small working town with industrial buildings as the backdrops. The smoke stacks have different color smoke rolling out of them into a heavy cloudy sky. It has people walking about on the streets that seem to make this piece alive with the activity going about.
This piece is of a steel mill with a lot of activity going on. Steel mills were an important part of the industrial revolution that went on in America. The main focus of this painting is the molten metal in the center of the painting with men working hard all around. The hazy ceiling puts a little focus on the working conditions inside the mill.
This painting shows a factory on top of some hills. As you look across a river you can see three smoke stacks releasing some smoke. The one that draws your attention most is the one closest to you that’s releasing black smoke. This is another typical industrial scene that can be seen everywhere across the world.
This is another scene following the industrial area scene. There are factories on a waterfront that are releasing smoke into the sky. The sky represents a sun setting as the stacks of smoke conceal the sun. There’s two figures standing looking out across the water at the scene of the industrial area.
This scene shows a populated city on a river with some industrial buildings along the waterfront. The hazy sky gives this one a dreary feel to it as you focus on the smoke filling the sky. The smoke coming from the buildings are white as the one furthest away is black. This is another typical scene you can find in many working cities.
In this painting your looking out across a field at some brick industrial buildings. The sky has some blue in it popping out but is mostly covered with clouds. The smoke that’s coming out of the stacks shows how the wind is blowing at a pretty good pace. In the forefront on the painting you can see business men sitting around having a conversation.
This painting shows a coastal industrial town. Out in the distance you can see some cliffs that rise up to land. There are numerous smoke stacks in this painting with the smoke being exaggerated a bit. With the bright colors of the buildings this one is a little more uplifting even with the cloudy sky.
This painting shows some hard labor inside a factory. The furnace on the left center seems to be the focus of this piece. The flames act as the only source of light as most the workers are in the shadows. This is a good representation of what goes on inside the industrial buildings that create all the smoke.
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