Deeper than blue 

In this 15 artwork exhibition, the overall theme is the colour blue. The colour blue is used to represent many types of emotions for example: sadness, cool and depression etc. Unlike the other colours red and orange that radiate a warm and happy feeling, blue is an easy to use to display the artist's feelings towards an artwork. These 15 pieces are all related to each other as they all reveal some type of emotion. The blue also represents the feeling of loneliness: in some of these chosen artworks display this emotion for example a piece by Katy a Medvedeva. A ballerina dancer is surrounded by a deep shade of blue, as of saying before the colour normally represents a feeling of sadness. A lot of emotion is used in the artwork, "Origami Occidental" the pieces of origami birds look as if they are trying to piece back a heart together. The heart in the centre of the artwork represents  feeling coldness like the saying, "A cold heart". It looks as if the heart is guarded by a brick wall, this could mean that the artist has been potentially hurt before. The wall ensures that the heartwill not be wounded again. The colour blue is  very expressive colour that many artists use to reflect on their artworks. Video Guide - https//

This artwork, "Origami Occidentale" by Loris Cecchini strongly represents the subjective frame. The emotion and expression of this artwork create a feeling of sadness.
The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh is a piece that represents the Postmodern frame. This artwork is apart of the Popular Culture as it is seen on social media's and mentioned many times.
This artwork by Douglas Coupland represents the structural frame. The colour, shapes and the composition make the artwork look expressive.
The artwork, "Turtle and Wave" by Anna Heyward represents the cultural frame