Human Truths

Based off of human experiences we can earn a lot about the nature of humans. Humans are selfish yet dependent and relationship-oriented. We have thinking minds that help us grow as a person. Although we have very much intelligence, our priorities are shaken when we get to life-threatening situations. Humans are all different but we work together to function as a society.

In this picture the town in being destroyed by a volcano hurting many innocent people. Mainly everyone is looking up into the heavens, as if they were blaming God for this tragedy.
Once again, humans are looking towards God for an answer and blaming him for the things that happen to them. The humans in this picture look sad and hard-worked. They obviously feel controlled by God.
The only these soldiers thing have left is each other, it's the only thing that matters to them. They are on the edge of life and death and if it weren't for their partners they wouldn't carry on.
This man is all alone hunting for food. He looks like he has no one to talk to but his 2 dogs. He brings his dogs everywhere with him because they are the only thing the man has left to hold on to.
This girls facial expression looks almost as if she just saw something she wish she hadn't. This is a representation of how memories can scar us because they can't be unseen.
This man in the front is blind and can't see the dead bodies on the ground beside him. He hasn't seen the things that the others have, not seeing these things has saved him from losing hope.
Imagine you are in a room with only 4 chairs. There are millions of people in this room. You only get to survive if you sit in one of these chairs. Chances are you would do anything to get a seat.
In this picture people are digging, either to raise money or to find food. Either way, they are trying to survive. They are doing everything they can, so desperate that they dig through hard rock.
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