Enchanted Forest

Welcome to my exhibition entitled ‘Enchanted Forest.’ Whilst you look around through the veriest artworks you will discover that each artwork is aiming to give of an enchanted feel. The aim of this exhibition is to make you feel as if you have been enchanted and transported into the exhibition resulting in hopefully giving you a different opinion in how you would see a forest. The artworks relate to one another as they are all in the same theme and are all trying to result in making you feel as if you are there in the scenery of the artwork and not just looking at it as an observer. When you have finished looking through my exhibition I would hope your view of forests have changed and morphed into something more spectacular than ‘that place with trees’ for example. This exhibited    was created with a mind-set of engaging the audience, this was achieved by selecting artworks that all related to one-another and flow throughout the presentation of the exhibition. You will see how each of the artworks are related as they glow and look magical as the artworks continue you would soon find yourself engrossed into the lovely feel the artworks are able to give you. I honestly hope that you find my chose of theme and artworks selected are able to give you a different say when it comes to forests. With that being said I hope you enjoy my exhibition and when it is finished that you have a more positive view on how enchanted forests can really be. 

This artwork is an example of the cultural frame as it is many people’s beliefs to get rid of our forests without thinking about what will happen to the animals that call the said forest home. With the animals clearly in this artwork it hopefully should open society’s eyes and hint for them to put a stop in getting rid of our green land because soon the animals will have nowhere to go. This artwork demonstrates how the animals now have a place to live, but where will they go if the forest is taken from them?
This artwork is an example of the subjective frame as it holds opinions, feelings, emotions and experience that most of the other artworks don’t. When looking at this artwork you are drawn to the beautifulness of the natural environment but then realise that people are walking through it and possible disturbing the peace. As people have different opinions you would find majority of the people emotionally feel as if we should limited the amount of people able to go into a forest as that way it will not disturb the animals and the people do not ruin something so magical.
This is an example of the structural frame as it holds; tone - as you can see in the rocks, texture- is rough and bumpy as the rocks lines are defined but the rest of the artworks lines are more softer, colours- are mysterious and enchanting and the composition - the foreground is the rock opening with the trees where the colours are darker and the background is the opening where we can see the water.
This artwork is an example of the post-modern frame as the artist has created this artwork as an original but it holds a twist. The scenery originally didn’t have the opening to allow the view of the buildings in the background which reminds us of how society is ruining our green land.