Brrrr, it's cold

In my snow exhibition there are 15 artworks that relate to my theme 'snow'. In each artwork the snow represents winter and the coldness it brings. The main theme 'snow' is presented in both modern and traditional artworks. My exhibition clearly explains the theme 'snow' as it shows that every artwork is similar in a way that they all express the same feeling about snow. When i look at every artwork individually i can see the snow present is falling or has fallen telling us a different story every time. Even the simplest artwork can tell us something about the main theme. Every artwork in my exhibition makes the snow look realistic as it shows the different techniques used to help create a mood and emotion. Some signs and symbols that were used help the theme become more visible and eye catching to the audience. Most of these artworks identify and create a different themes such as 'coldness' and 'winter'. I chose 'snow' to be my theme for my exhibition because snow relate to the season winter. During winter in most places snow is present as it is a form of nature. Many of these artworks are located outdoors as it is easier to show the main idea and theme. Another reason why i chose 'snow as my exhibition theme is because it reveals a bit of background information as to why snow happens. You can see that in every artwork the snow which is frozen water vapour that had been turned into little white flakes has fallen or is falling creating a layer of thick white snow that covers the ground.

This work evidences the Cultural Frame as it shows some of the traditions these people have when winter is in season. They all like to get together and have some fun in the snow, bringing culture to the people.
This work evidences the Subjective Frame as it shows a dark, quiet mood. In this artwork the title 'Night Snow Scene' reflects expressive emotion of the night sky. The snow also makes a expressive emotion and mood to the artwork.
This work evidences the Structural Frame as it conveys a message to the audience by using different signs and symbols.There are many techniques used throughout the artwork to show the design and appearance.
This work evidences the Post Modern Frame as the camera angle shows detail and emphasizes the way the Artist describes this artwork. The artwork presents an effect that changes the way we look at it.