Lands of Mystery

I have selected various images and picture from this gallery that encompasses art work which have pictures with stylized drawings with surrealism mixed in with a form of nature.Another way to put it is painting's, images, and drawings that hold something strange or unnatural within their landscapes.

This image was painted by Sidney Nolan it depicts a figure with a gun alone in the forrest displaying a lot of surrealism with in its art from the background to the figure in the picture all alone.
This painting was made by Giorgio de Chirico This image hold a odd feeling about it on the left is a black statue however on the right holds a similar statue but made from background almost like a reflection.
This paint was made by Nash, Paul and his art leaves an unnerving feeling in you very surreal how the landscape moves and tree bends its almost as if the ground might be breathing.
Painted by Sidney Nolan part of the chase ned kelly series. Its interesting as everting in this image is depicted in a normal fashion but the legless rider how only has on arm riding a horse.
Graffitied by Julien Seth Mallant, This holds and interesting composition and also draws you in. The viewer try to understand why this child's face is detached while all the contents with his head are displayed on the wall.
Made by Nash, Paul, This image holds several interesting points in it from the barren land to the strange weather much of this feel odd especially when there are two men running in the middle of this barren wasteland.
Made by James Gleeson, This image show multiple creatures morphing from this mans flesh to his surrounding creating a interesting piece of art that holds your attention and also ponder if there is a deeper meaning.
Made by Albert Tucker, In this image we see a man sitting by himself but its odd due to his surroundings. It just shows a man sitting alone surrounded by hills a fence and a box with nothing to do but stare at the moon.
Made by James Gleeson, This image holds an interesting perspective as if someone is observing what is happening to this flesh colored statue and how something appears to be emerging from it.
Made by Wayne White, Mr wayne creates a surrealistic feeling because of his mask which looks like abstract art as its holstered ontop of his normal body in his normal surrounding almost like there a glitch and his head went funky.
Made by Giorgio de Chico, I personally enjoy this images as it depicts a disproportionet man relaxing in a classic chair even though his body is constructed from rocks and contains a building within his chest possibly even containing his heart.
Made by AI-MITSU, I find this one interesting as it merges several tones and has a massive eye within this bed of rock landscape truly strange, making you ponder as it stares up at the sky if theres a second eye staring back at you.
Credits: All media
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