Our Planet by Christopher "Alex" Reynoso

The theme of this gallery is nature. This gallery is meant to show off the beauty of our planet.  This includes the changing seasons, the different kinds of landscapes, the range of colors we never get to see ourselves, and even the destruction we have caused.  We often forget what the world looks like outside of our cities and towns, 

This artwork shows a sunrise breaking through clouds over an ocean. It shows the colors and beauty that happen over an ocean that many of us never get to experience.
This painting shows a spring meadow with a flowing river on a nice afternoon. It shows the peacefulness of nature and the calming colors that are associated with this type of scene.
This painting shows the dips and peaks of a snow covered mountain range. This picture shows an amazing winter scene as seen from the top of the mountains looking down.
This painting shows a waterfall flowing through a forest during the night. This painting not only shows off a wonderful waterfall in a remote area, but also shows off the moonlight during this night.
This piece of art shows ducks on a frozen lake. This picture shows off the beauty and calming tone of water, which is just as beautiful frozen in time as it is moving.
This portrait shows one of the best forests in Australia. Australia is usually just thought of as the barren Outback, but this is one of the most forgotten and beautiful forests in the world.
This artwork is of a forest in the fall. Autumn is usually thought of as a cold and depressing time, but it's the biggest change the most of the natural world experiences.
This portrait is of an erupting volcano. Volcanoes are one of the planets reminders that we need balance, where peace also needs destruction. Volcanoes are the start of beautiful islands and wildlife.
This portrait is of a burnt down forest. This picture shows that even the most beautiful of forests, and life in general, has an end. The world doesn't get worse, it just changes its appearance.
This picture shows a forest being cut down for the manufacturing of paper. The final image is a reminder to not let forget all there is in the world. There's more to the world than only what we see.
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