As you enter my exhibition you will take a journey through the forests. As you might know by now my theme is Nature but my subject is Forests. I have chosen my subject as Forests because I think that Forests really represent nature and really stand out. The Forests show that they all have a meaning behind them all. These artworks relate to each other because they’re all about the one topic, they all have different meanings within different images. The picture helps us visualise that there is more to the image than meanings, colours and backgrounds behind the image.  My exhibition called the Forests really stands out for me because they all relate to one topic and the images suite each other. When I was working on my exhibition I just loved working with the different images to help put this exhibition together. What I really loved about was the different colours that represent the different moods. When I was looking at Deer in the Forest it showed me the different types of moods for example Blue which shows Calm, Green shows Neutral and Red shows Anxious. This image creates an image of Calm and Neutral but Anxious at the same time. When creating this exhibition I have learnt so many things about the Forests and Subjective, Cultural, Structural and Past-modern frames. I have also learnt about the different colours that represent different meanings about different images. So I hope when you exit my Exhibition you have experienced a wonderful journey and wonders through the forests just like I have. 

This image is an image called Black Forest Study created by Huchthausen and David R. This image is a past- modern image. I find this image a really unusual image. I think Black Forest Study uses a bowl, and inside is drawn or made up of something. This image tells me that it is a past-modern sculpture due to unusual materials being used and the types of art forms being created. This image shows they these 2 creators were very creative by using materials that are natural.
This image is a picture of a deer in the forest. The deer in the forest was designed by Franz Marc in the year 1913. This image is a Subjective image. The deer in the forest shows different emotions through this image of deer’s in the forest. This image shows me that it has a meaning but is hidden in this picture.
This image is picture of the Adoration in the forest. The Adoration in the Forest was designed by Filippo Lippi in the year 1459. This image is a cultural image showing the religion, clothes and their actions. This image tells me that it’s a religious image by their actions for example praying in their home made out of forest materials.
This image is a landscape of a forest. The image of the forest was designed by Emily Carr in the year 1930. This image is a structural image. The image shows the same patterns over again which represents something. The structural image uses different tones and textures due to the light and dark colours to form the image. This image tells me that this image has strong elements for example patterns, and different tone colours.