John Sheeran Color/Nature Gallery

My gallery is based off the themes of color and nature. I picked these artists because they are able to depict the scenes with flawless qualities. Those qualities are what we use today in the traditional art world and to recycle the colors and techniques that those artiest use. These works of art have stood the test of time and will continue to be staples in the art world.

My first selection is The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. The way he uses the blues and yellows to show the details in the sky and how the stars shine at night.
Vincent's use of the colors in this painting give a very subtle yet defined sense of field in to where everything is places. While the muted color, add a calm, collected and a relaxed environment.
In Vincent's earlier work, this painting used most of the cool colors while only adding a just a hint of gold. The gold help embroider the dark background while it shows the simplest star lit sky.
Monet's technique of impressionist painting is very simple yet brings out so much details with the wide range of complimentary and contrasting colors of the water and the water lilies.
Claude Lorraine uses the shadows created by the sun to evoke a time of day and to enhance the colors of the ocean in the distance as well as the land, people and plants that are closer in the foreground.
Albert once again uses the setting suns color to bring out the details and natural colors of the landscape, making it show the brown and the gold colors from the earth.
In this painting, the purple may have been the main color but the green that are in the meadows helps balance it. It makes one loop, from the heavy purple to the light green.
This painting shows that even the most hint of color makes a big difference. For example, the clouds only have a hint of blue to show the sky though but also as an settle yet powerful difference.
In this painting by Albert Bierstadt brings the detail of the landscape and the characters in the paintings by using the rays of the sun setting and to bring in that orange glow to the work.
Albert Bierstadt is one of my favorite painters from the Hudson River School. He creates paintings with fantastic contrast like here how the dark cloudy sky contrasts with the bright colors of the landscape to make them brighter and more detailed.
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