The Color Of Emotion

How The Color Red Provides Many Dramatic Emotions:         By Brandon Rymanowicz

Red gives this piece a dramatic mood of exhaustion. Everyone seems to be working very hard and the color of red gives the work a more serious tone.
The color red in this piece gives a dramatic tone to the people. They appear more intimidating because of the red background.
The color red is commonly associated with love. The note is about a goose foot in a red cloth but without knowing spanish, you would assume it's a love note because of the red heart.
The color red also brings the emotion of anger which is what can be assumed is what the ruler is feeling in this piece. Along with his expression, the color or red provides that extra dramatic tone.
In this piece the color red provides a sort of barren and desperate mood. Along with the very scarce branches, the whole land is red, symbolizing lack of health to the area.
The color red can also provide a sign of danger. In this piece the red covers the whole sky which appears to portray a storm approaching. The red adds to the dramatic tone of this piece.
In this piece red provides a more dramatic feeling. If this piece was a light blue color it would have a more peaceful vibe yet, the color red gives a dramatic mood to the angel approaching.
Again in this piece, red provides a sense of danger. The whole piece is a calming blue color but then the volcano is dark red portraying the danger in it.
What was interesting about this piece was the title is called "Site of Desire" and love/desire is a common emotion that comes from the color red.
Red gives a mood of tension in this piece. With the dramatic lighting as it is, it creates a very eerie feeling. When you add the red hue, it makes the piece even more eerie.
The red colors in this piece creates a bit of a chaotic mood. You see a guy screaming as well as a red/orange sky and a reddish walkway which can create a sense of anxiety when viewing the person.
The color red adds so much emotion in this piece. You get a sense of struggle, abandonment, and depression. If this was a warm color then the emotions could be way different.
This piece has a very emotional meaning based on the title and the fact that red is used in it shows that the color red shows a lot of emotion. In this case it can show desperation and lack of health.
The color red in this piece is used mainly on the people to add to their emotional expressions. The red gives the dramatic mood that the people are giving off.
Once again red can symbolize danger. In this case obviously fire is a danger. It also can represent evil and anger which is what seems to be portrayed through the figure in the fire.