A world of lines

This gallery contains 10 photos which use the element of art: lines.

This piece uses the fore, middle, and background to create distance using lines
This piece reminds me of a refined sketch, after the editing is complete.
This piece uses value to portray a sort of disappearing affect on the lines that get lighter. As well as a more prominent effect as the lights get darker.
This piece reminds me of a sketch with added shadows to bring out the figures in the piece.
This piece reminds me of abstract lines because of the randomness of the lines, yet they still create what looks like a tree
This piece uses lines to create people, then is really brought to life using color in the foreground and more shadows in the background
This piece reminds me of a refined sketch
This piece looks like the lines were layered on to the piece, making it appear to look like there is distance between you and the fork.
This piece reminds me of a sketch with little value where it is needed. The value really makes the picture have a sort of edge to it.
This piece reminds me of a quick sketch that has no been fully revised due to stray lines as well as a non-blended shadow.
Credits: All media
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