Design Principle

This gallery revolves around the theme: Line/Linear concepts

Focal point: The sunflowers. Due to how his arm, his paintbrush and his line of sight is pointed toward the sunflowers.
Focal Point: St. Sebastian. Due to the line of sight of the guards and the lines of the cloth.
The branches that protrudes from Van Gogh is the lines that center around the focal point of the person himself.
The people in the portrait are looking towards the center of St. Pontianus.
Focal Point: Constantine (Center of the portrait). Due to the line of sight of the majority of the men present.
Focal Point: Man on the pedestal. Other than the line of sight from the majority of the people present, the focal point is supported by the beam of light coming from the heavens.
Focal Point: Venus. Even though she is the "center" of attention, the line of sights of others are pointed straight at her.
Focal Point: Christ. Even though He is centered away from the actual center of the portrait, he stands out due to how people are looking at Him and the color of His attire that contrasts the scenery.
Focal Point: Fire / Object on fire. Best way to explain it,: People "looking" at the object on fire, thus, they are looking at the Focal Point.
Focal Point: The being that is standing on the sphere. Other than the line of sight, the objects that people are throwing at the being signifies the lines that point straight towards the subject in the middle.
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