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Art plays a very important role in our daily life and we see art everyday wherever we go. This gallery of pictures shows the relationship between Mothers and their kids around the time period of 1600's til late 1900's, and how various artist used different mediums to create these beautiful pictures.

Alison, Christmas Day, William Sergeant Kendall, 1909, From the collection of: Maryhill Museum of Art
This painting was done by William Seargeant Kendall using the style oil on canvas. He taught a womens painting class at the cooper union in new york. this art work can be found in maryhill museum.
Maternal Caress, Mary Cassatt, 1890/1891, From the collection of: National Museum of Women in the Arts
This print work was done by Mary Cassatt, the style used was impressionism and it was made on a medium of Drypoint, aquint,and softground etching paper.Cassatt produced more than 220 prints.
The Railway, Edouard Manet, 1873, From the collection of: National Gallery of Art, Washington DC
This oil on canvas painting is an example of a daily life painting, done by Edouard Manet.The woman is Victorine Meurants, Manets favorite model in 1860's, the child is manets fellow painters child.
The Child's Bath, Mary Cassatt (American, 1844–1926), 1893, From the collection of: The Art Institute of Chicago
This is another of Mary Cassatts work, but this is an oil on canvas painting this painting shows a mothers true life and it can also be seen as a daily life painting in the olden days.
Madonna and Child, Francisco de Zurbaran, 1658, From the collection of: The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts
This Madonna and Child painting was done by Fransisco de Zurbaran during his late periods when his imges acquired lyrical note.This three dimensional painting created in 1856 posses spiritual harmony.
Queen Marie Antoinette of France and two of her Children Walking in The Park of Trianon, Adolf Ulrik Wertmüller, 1785, From the collection of: Nationalmuseum Sweden
This portrait was painted by Adolf Fredlik. It depicted the Queen Marie Antoinette as a mother. The portrait was drawn using mannequins clothed with the actual dresses of the Queen and the princess.
Portrait of Mrs Catherine Smith Gill and Two of her Children, James Tissot, 1877, From the collection of: Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool
This oil on canvas painting was the only known picture by one of the french impressionists circle to have been painted in liverpool. It took James Tissot 8 weeks to paint this potrait.
War I, Petronėlė Gerlikienė, 1976, From the collection of: MO Museum / MO muziejus
The autobiographical painting is by Petronele Gerlikiene and was inspired by her experiences during the war,thus served as a means to forget and adjust from the horrible experiences she went through.
Mother and Child in a Boat, Edmund Charles Tarbell, 1892, From the collection of: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
The painter Tarbell, uses impressionism to beautifully portray his wife and daughter in a boat using both broad strokes for the water, boat and gown , and smaller strokes for the face and body.
The Marsham Children, Thomas Gainsborough, 1787, From the collection of: Gemäldegalerie, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
The portrait by British painter Thomas Gainsborough, shows four children, looking rather informal in their relation. The children were Charles Marsham's , the man who later commissioned the portrait.
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This user gallery has been created by an independent third party and may not represent the views of the institutions whose collections include the featured works or of Google Arts & Culture.
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