Does it Matter?

Representation of Philosophical-isms in art.  By Derek Gamblin, Period 2 English 

The piece shows Existentialism with the presence of the flowing air. The man has free will to do as he pleases and decides to ride the wind wherever it takes him. The others find comfort on the ground
Nihilism. The head floating in the vast open and nothingness, shows emptiness. That life is meaningless and our existence doesn't matter. The peacefulness in the face shows that we should let things be
The Absurdism of this piece is represented in the activity Marat is doing. Even though his writing is peaceful, it clashes with his fate.
Supernaturalism exists in multiple parts of this painting. The man that is Hercules is seen as a near god and possesses unnatural power. He also owns a horse that in their time, was a very special being.
Credits: All media
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