Asian Fusion - Maxine Bowen

This gallery represents different perspectives of Asian women through one medium. This specific medium is paintings. This explores different asian races through a brush amongst different painters depicting how they see Asian women. This also shows specifically their culture and what it’s like to be an asian and a woman. 

In this painting, several ladies are working on silk. It depicts what goes into making the silk. The repetition is seen here through the repetition of ladies in a line. The space between the women shows the process of making silk. This visually outlines this theme by showing the how in this culture, women are very important into household duties.
In this artwork, a woman is laying on a bed with a mask covering her face by flies. The space in this artwork is seen through the amount of space the window takes up versus the woman. The emphasis on the time sand stands out because of the dull colors around the bright blue object. This visually reflects the theme by showing the woman's emotions in an asian looking room.
A woman in a white cloak is depicted in this artwork. The amount of space and color of white is prevalent here compared to the face which gives the most emphasis and focus to her eyes. This visually reflects the theme by showing the artist's view on their portrait of an asian woman.
There is an asian girl reading a book in this painting on a couch. The soft lines are seen through the artist's brush strokes which is similar to impressionism painting. The texture of the wall are diluted through the artist's choice of colors. This visually depicts the theme by showing the softness of character of this woman reading her book.
This is an Asian woman who is holding flowers and a military gun with a flag on it. The unity of all these objects brings together what she represents. The yellow color stands her out amongst the black uniform. This visually shows in this theme her strong character and her soft side by showing the flowers beside her.
This is a girl pointing at her chest with sunglasses on sitting on a bench. There is emphasis on the light shining on her face against the diluted colors around her. The repetition of the floor brings attention to the main focus of the girl as well as the outline of rainbow lights around the painting. This visually reflects the theme by showing the weird side of the Asian culture.
In this painting, an Asian woman is depicted giving her baby a bath. The unity of the composition makes a harmony between the baby and the mother. The colors of blue and yellow is triadic which enhances the harmony of its composition. The Asian Fusion theme is seen here visually through the woman's dress expressing her asian culture.
There is a girl holding onto an alligator. The shapes are very different in this painting giving attention all around the painting. The lines on the wall lead to the girl as well as the alligators scales. This outlines the theme visually by showing the culture's closeness to animals.
This shows a portrait of a woman posing. This is painted in red tones showing her vibrancy and romance. The lines are depicted through the brush strokes being slightly soft, yet detailed more on her skirt. This visually depicts the theme by showing the romance of Asian culture of women.
There is a woman who is the mother and as well as the painter depicted in this artwork. The bright color yellow is triadic against the blueish grey background. This in turn puts emphasis on the painter himself, but back to the mother giving unity between the two characters. Even though this theme is about Asian women, a man is depicted here, but the Asian woman is seen what she is viewed of by her son.
Credits: All media
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