The art of music

Music is an art form and so are the magnificent objects that create those sounds we all love so much. This gallery contains photos of various unique instruments from all over the world. Different cultures like different sounds and in order to get different sounds we have to use different instruments. 

The Tenor Trombone is a seven-bell brass instrument that allows you only to play one note at a time despite of it’s seven bells. Upon first look it may appear super confusing since looks like there’s seven trombones all tangled in one huge knot. It has a gold color with a smooth though curvy surface. The instrument in the picture has rounded lines. I would say it has a static shape since it’s not moving. I’d say that it has three-dimensional space since it’s a real object. The lines use a lot of repetition because even though it appears knotted up, a lot of them run parallel to each other.
The Abu is a groud trumpet. At first sight it look like it’s made out of wood. It is shaped like a horn with a round ball shape at the end with a hole in the center. It appears to have burn marks and a lot of other damage marks probably from age. The lines are round and it has a static shape. It has three-dimensional space and a brownish, yellowish color with blue and red markings in random places. The Abu appears very old and looks like it once had a smooth surface. Possibly not now, but maybe when it was new it did.
The Satsuma Biwa is a type of Japanese fretted lute. The Biwa is often the chosen instrument in the Buddhist religion. It’s black and only has four strings on it with the tuners on its bent headstock. It looks like it has gold strings with a gold saddle and very beautifully painted bridge and body. The painting on it has rounded lines though the instrument it’s has some jagged ends. I would say that the instrument is composed of many geometric shapes. Although the majority of the instrument is black the painting on it has four main colors that I see, Red, Orange, Brown, and green. The body of the instrument appears to be smooth, but the other parts to it are not. It has the principle of design since of course it is, or at least at one point was a functioning instrument and I do feel like there is unity in this.
The Double –bellell Euphonium has two bells from which you choose. It is not capable of playing both bells at the same time, but both bells have a different sound to them. On the photo of the instrument there is rounded lines on the instrument, but sharp angled lines. It has a static shape since it’s just hung up and has a very light bronze color to it. The surface is smooth though it looks like some of the paint is coming off.
The Koto(so) is a Japanese instrument with thirteen strings. This one in particular is wood brown with gold and the thirteen strings being pushed up by something that looks like pins. I’d guess it’s a plucking instrument. I would say it has geometrical shape and form. Basically just look like a guitar with no body and no frets, but instead pins.
The Valve Trombone is one of the many types but this one in particular isn’t around anymore. It looks to be bronze or at least colored bronze. It looks like a really complicated instrument, but it only has one bell so it might not be too difficult. A lot of round lines are used, smooth surface, but not flat.
The Triple Flageolet in this image is one of twelve recorder-type flutes in existence. It’s got three pipes allowing you to play up to three tones at a time, which gives you the ability to play triads. It’s a light wood brown color with cream-colored tips and ring around it.
The Harp Lute is a mixture of a harp with a lute, which was very well liked by aristocrat women due to its ease of playing. It’s got frets and has a total of twelve strings. This particular one is black and gold with what looks to me like organic designs as the gold on it. You might consider the twelve strings as undulating lines. Appears to have a smooth surface on the body.
The Russian Bassoon is a Russian and Prussian instrument used their military bands. Its bassoon shaped with a Dragon heard with its mouth open for the bell. The four colors used on it where black with gold rings for everything except for the green and gold head of the dragon and the inside of the mouth with a bright red.
This particular harp right here very unique it it’s shape. I see only eight strings on it and split into a left and right side with four strings to each side. It almost looks to me as if it were strings on deer horns. I didn’t find much information on them, but look very interesting. It appears to be made all out of wood, possibly before it was mass produced.
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