Artwork that was made to have texture.

This piece shows the texture of the rocks by adding shadows and cracks in the surface of the rocks.
This painting has actual texture because the paint sticks up off of the surface and observable texture where the grass has multiple shades to make look more like an actual field.
Here the texture is shown in the hare's fur. The artist used a specific technique to make the viewers think that they could actually pet that hare even though it is only a mere painting.
In this the texture is in the canvas. This artist painted this onto brick, allowing one to feel it and the mosaic aspect to the artwork.
As is with most sculptures, this has texture because it has been carved with space in mind so that you may feel the edges full of detail to create texture.
Texture here shows up with the multi-medium aspect. The artist used wood and other mediums to put together this work of art with texture that you can feel and see.
This water adds texture using light making you think that you could touch those waves as they are jumping off of the canvas.
This work of art has actual texture because it was made on a tapestry or at least to look as though it is a tapestry.
Credits: All media
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