Beauty in black and white by Tabitha Fowler

My name is Tabitha Fowler and this is my gallery. This is an art gallery devoted to the beauty of black and white art work. My focus for this gallery was black and white art focusing on nature and life. This gallery is about showcasing the beauty of black and white and nature and I hope love it as much as I do. 

This is an amazing black and white photograph of a dog surfing by Bruce Weber. I picked this photo for my gallery because of its a beautiful black and white photo and because it depicts a dog enjoying nature. The photo shows off light values and has amazing textures in it.
I love the simplicity of this image. This is a black and white image of some birds flying over what looks like grass and bushes. To me, even without color, this image is peaceful. This black and white image doesn't necessarily use positive and negative light but, it is still beautiful.
This is 5 black and white images lined together of Weimaraner dogs. This image is meant to be a humorous homage to Animal Locomotion by Edward Muybridge. The two dogs sitting are suppose to represent the head car and the caboose of a train. I chose these five images because I found them different and unique, and they are a beautiful representation of black and white images.
This is a beautiful etching of a watering hole lined by trees. The watering hole reflects back the image of the trees. I chose this image because of its richness and the beautiful nature it depicts.
This is a beautiful black and white drawing of a "Reclining old Man". The lines in this drawing are amazing and emphasize the man. I chose this drawing because of its beautiful lines and rich texture.
This beautiful image is of goose hunters standing on there canoes moving across the paperbark forest. They had to use canoes because the rain waters where so high. I chose this image because of the beautiful texture in this black and white image.
Credits: All media
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