Frida Kahlo

Virtual Art Exhibition. This exhibition is about a great artist named Frida Kahlo. She was in a car crash that left her handicapped for many years, using that as a medium of creativity for her many art works. 

This self portrait represents Frida Kahlo's closure with nature. Surrounding herself with animals and creating ribbon like bindings going around her and the other elements in the painting.
This painting is one of Frida's early ones. She painted this as a token of love to regain an old lover back. She is seen here looking like a "princess" in velvet.
This painting was done during Frida's last years. It is a political turn saying that everyone is capable of releasing one self from the political corruption of the world.
This painting depicts Frida being breast fed by her native Indian nurse as a small child. Her own mother was unable to do so because she had another child shortly after her.
Frida was pregnant for the second time. Her husband Diego did not want any children therefore she tried aborting, failing that she remained pregnant until a horrific miscarriage.
In this painting, she expresses the pain she endured because of her accident. The column going through her back about to collapse, with a sexual undertone.
This painting describes the pain she felt while having a miscarriage at the Henry Ford Hospital. The discomfort is shown by the way her body is shown being twisted.
This is an early art work representing Las Cachuchas, a group of kids at her school that were known to be very smart but wayward.
Credits: All media
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