The Brush

Tyler Tran, Nehemiah Gandy, Anselmo Jara

This sketch is very delicately drawn with amazing precision and detail, especially in the rib region.
Her skin is very smooth and light, and her eyes are crying with true sorrow on her face.
The men's reflection of the men on the ripples of the waters are perfectly drawn out with detail, along with their muscles.
His curly hair is perfectly drawn with amazing precision and his eyes are full stress and full of thought.
The muscle are drawn by someone who really knows what they were doing. The muscle in his fingers that bend perfectly.
The pendant is drawn with detail, and the cloth is folded with many layers, while the background contrast the bright colours of the drapes.
The sculptures muscle's have details unmatched by almost anyone else, with fine detail and the face of victory.
The contrasting colors that the people are wearing are the focus points of the pictures and the faces are drawn details although they are slightly off.
The different gods in the picture adds a variety to the picture and the blue skies give a nice cool feeling to the entire picture.
The different types of demons in the picture acts to make the picture more interesting and more creative, while the normal human in the middle acts like a base.
Credits: All media
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