Street Art Across the world

Street Art Across The World is a collection of some street art from different places of the world. The different places includes London, New York City, Amsterdam, and Belgium. The different artists that are included are Malarky, Banksy, Meres, Spagnola, Dase, Telmo & Miel, and Uriginal. Street Art is the theme of this exhibit because street art can convey powerful messages while also fill our imagination on what the work could be. Some street art like Malarky and Spagnola uses bright and vibrant colors that stands out and catches our eye. Banksy is included is because Banksy is one of the most popular street artists and most well known. 

This Malarky wall mural found in London is included in this exhibition as well as other Malarky works because of the use of vibrant colors and whimsical shapes and characters.
It is interesting how Malarky uses such vibrant colors. I like how he uses it because it certainly stands out and he has a way of creating whimsical and animated characters that gets our attention.
This mural by Meres can be found in NYC. He uses two sides of the building and paints it three dimensionally which make it really pop out. The image captures the life of probably an ordinary boy.
Spagnola's use of different lines makes the tiger almost lifelike. The colors and details brings the painting to life. I like Spagnola does not use the entire building and only uses part of it.
This painting is extremely fascinating and detailed. The way that it was painted and how real it looks is amazing. The pink pointer finger and the teal/aqua in the back gives it a contrast in color.
This mural by Banksy has a strong meaning behind it. I think it is interesting how there is a many shooting and fighting, but there is an innocent civilian behind him.
This mural has a powerful message because graffiti is vandalism and it is illegal, but there are still so many that covers building and streets.
This piece is in an interesting location because it is facing the opposite direction of traffic, but the mural itself is rather whimsical with a toddler taking a bath and the rubber ducky.
Spring Offering has a nature feel and uses vibrant, bright colors for spring. The mural also uses the tree as part of the picture which adds depth and dimension.
Gogh-van-Cruijff is composed of different colors of geometric shapes. It is interesting how Van Gogh is turned sideways and it seems like it is more detailed then the other figure.
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