The Second Great Awakening

By Lukas Pyle

Women were treated very unequally until the second great reform, when they were finally given equal recognition. This has impacted everybody today, because all women have equal rights now.
Factory workers may have been treated even worse than slaves. They had two choices which were, starve, or work in the factory. This has impacted many people, because now everything is a lot more civilized.
The temperance act was one of the very popular ones, that women rebelled against. Men would drink alcohol, then abuse his wife or children. If not for this act, nobody might ever have been sober back then, or now.
Abolitionist and reform leader, Frederick Douglass, was a slave who escaped, and tried as hard as he could to get slaves their rights. Without Douglass, it would have taken longer for slavery to be abolished.
This represents reform, because it shows how many ideas were taking place at once, and sometimes they were going in random and different directions.
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