Modern African Art (19th-21st centuries)

A simplistic mask with earrings, showcasing the pointed chin common on masks of the era.
A wooden mask with engraved eyes. The majority of masks from this period have their eyes engraved, and not painted.
Another mask, showcasing the period-specific propensity for fancy headdresses.
A simple wood-carved mask with decorations engraved around the edges of the face, also characteristic of 19th-20th century African masks.
A simplistic, concave mask. Instead of being placed upon the face, this "Maskette" was intended to be held in front of it.
This mask appears less stylized and more lifelike than most masks in the collection. It was perhaps intended to depict someone.
This mask is decorated by a braided, rope-looking carving, which forms the facial features.
This mask eschews the pointy-chin design, instead opting for a more rectangular and arguably realistic design.
This mask has many period features- slitted eyes, fancy headdress, pointy chin, and a decorative border around the face.
Helmet masks are worn over the head, similar to a helmet. This mask has decorations typical of the period.
This helmet mask, although boasting a non-traditional face, still retains traditional decoration and a traditional headdress.
This figure showcases the typical sculptural figure shape: A straight, narrow body, broad shoulders, and a long neck and limbs.
Another female figure, with the small legs typical of African sculpture.
A male ritual figure holding a scepter. This one could be taken as a symbol of authority or leadership.
A European invader of the 19th century, as depicted in sculpture. It retains some of the elements of classic African sculpture.
A golden figure of a very stylized man riding a very stylized horse. It was intended for use as a weight.
A man riding a horse. Both figures follow the dimensional norms of the period.
A ladle with the handle in the shape of an animal head.
Another ladle, this one with a cleanly sculpted human head instead of an animal head.
A silver pendant in the shape of a hand. It is intricately decorated with the braided pattern previously seen on the masks.
A divination object, made of a sculpted head,what appears to be feathers, and a handle inlaid with small shells.
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