personalities and feelings

The subject for the art that I chose i simple really. I like mystery behind the artist. Trying to figure someone out or something that that person might be going through out is very challenging and exciting all at the same time.The theme is full of life and vibrancy that catches the eyes of many. 

The Heading above the art helps us figure out a little about the artist. The heading "Music is my Religion" shows that the artist plays instruments and/or lyrical. Looking at the art a little more shows the character playing a guitar so you know he is a musician. The painted abstract tells his mood. Very upbeat and full of base.
This piece of art is by an artist named Jerms as well as the first one. This one lets the viewers know that these boys are close friends and they go through everything together. The guy in the red loves to draw and the guy in the green loves music.
Many many many different people come to this particular area and vent so to speak. Whatever feelings or emotions are taking place at this time is expressed.
This girl shows strong personality. obviously her name is Dame and she is her own person. She shows what is called "swag", which means mostly style. That unique part of you that makes you different.
This piece is by an artist named DANO. This piece could maybe bring some sort of emothion. I see children all alone, no one to turn to, hurt siblings. They are trying to survive and do what they have to to get the job done.
Cray Fish shows so much through this piece right here. She has a rocky journey with singing but her future was bright. But, now she has gotten pregnant and she has no home. Depression has clearly made its way into her life.
Stephane Bisseuill really explodes with this art, literally. This shows that there is some sort of frustration and he/she has been driven to the point to explode. All foul words and aggravation is in the air.
To me this art tells a background to a certain degree. He expresses himself but doesn't open completely up. Yes, its clear that he seems to express himself through poetry but sometimes I feel like the artist needs a picture expressing that pain or whatever.
Credits: All media
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