saba art project 

i like the view and the details
Taj Mahal a gife from husband to his beloved wife.
I LOVED IT the little details and the way of showing her emotions and her hard work.
This one is very beautiful its not just a vase it shows a girl who is very lonely waiting for someone.
i love the textures the emotions.
this one is showing every thing in one portrait.
its feels like she is asking something or trying to say something.
when you look at 1st its like a river but not its the sky and trees but the way its done it perfect.
i like the colors
its so alive it feels like in a moment she will be out the portrait and hold your hand
the colors and the sun sit is perfect
its so nice it shows that water want to be free from those mountains but no there is no way
perfect its look like a evil eye, some is there to protect you.
it shows the busy city life nice colors
nice pendant perfect colors choice
Credits: All media
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