This gallery is comprised of photographs of trees and forests from around the world in which sunlight plays a large part in the composition of the photo, the contrast of the lighting, and captures the profound beauty of the way plants work with the sunlight both for practical and artistic reasons.

In Pine1 by Doyang Zu several pine trees emulate out from a central orb. While the sky is blue and mildly lit by the sun, the ring around the orb has a halo from the sun's rays. Line also plays an important part in this piece as it either draws your eye in to the orb or out, depending on your starting point.
In Pine2 also by Doyang Zu, serval pine trees emulate out from a central orb surrounded by a blue sky and a sunlit halo encompassing the orb. Again, Line plays an important part in the piece drawing the viewer's eye either out from the orb, or in from the edge of the frame.
In Pine3 Doyang Zu again uses the same technique to capture pine trees extending from an orb haloed by the sun. Line also plays and important part in this final piece as it again draws the viewers eye in or out from the center or the edge of the photograph. Composition is also a large part of this piece as there is a form of symmetry between the tress extending out from the orb.
In Flower3 Doyang Zu shows trees, grass, sunlight, and sky encompassed within an orb, much like the world. Here green trees seem to extend inward to the center of the orb rather than outward. Composition plays an important role here as the pieces is symmetrical from the surrounding tress.
In Landscape by Doyang Zu, an orb encompassing trees and the sky is encompassed by black. The Space used in the photo can work in two ways, either the viewers is looking from within a hole up into the world, or they are on the same level of the world looking at an all encompassing space.
In Pine Trees, Study 1, Wolcheon, Gangwodo, by Michael Kenna, Pine trees appear to sit on an island surrounded by a body of water. Space plays an important role in this piece as most of the negative space shows the vastness of the landscape while making the island appear more insignificant and minimal.
In Sombras parallels by Joaquim Pla Janini, the trees on the left of the photograph cast shadows on the ground from the sunlight. Here, Contrast and Line play an important roles in the photo contrast gives the photo lighter and darker points from the light and shadows and Line gives the photo depth leading the eye from the bottom to the top of the photo.
In Roma by Graciela Iturbide, a tree on the edge of a cliff sits against the sky. Contrast is a large part of this photograph. The background of the sky is lighter while the foreground of the tree and cliff is much darker almost black, making it appear more ominous.
In Human and Nature by Dae Cho Park, The face of a child is superimposed over sunlit trees. The absence of Color in the child's face and the higher saturation of the tress plays a juxtapositions against one another. While the child's face fills up most of the frame, it is essentially the trees that fill it completely.
In Araucárias, Paraná. Brazil, Marc Ferrez photographe taller trees that seem to lack branches save for the very top. Line is important here as it guides the viewer's eye from the ground up into the branches of the trees. Contrast is also important as the branches are dark against the brightly lit sky.
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