Truth or Society

Knowledge. It’s supposed to guide people in the right direction, and create good in the world. But through the progression of time, society has transformed knowledge and truth into something evil. Society has shaped good people into monsters containing power and greed. We as people have a duty to our souls and our world, to look at pure knowledge and see how the truth of it turned into something ungodly. Then we must go back to our pure forms and see what good it could bring. Through looking at different images and the thoughts of intellectual writers, the understanding of what is good for our world will come about. Will it be truth or society?

With morality comes justice, and with justice come peace, power, and happiness. This piece of artwork shows the integration of peace and justice and shows that to live life rightfully, we must weigh our options, think, and protect ourselves from injustice and greed, keeping a calmness and peace around us removing sorrow and placing wisdom in place, in our minds. To do this we must have knowledge and use it to our advantage, guiding us to live morally right. "The Republic" by Plato constantly mentions knowledge as the savior of evil. If you guide yourself by truth and knowledge, you live right and good. Truth wins.
Greed and desire is the root of all evil. "Group above portal Magistrates' Chamber" shows two rulers that are destroyed by greed, and justice is thrust upon them while death gives them what they earned. When you are good in life, death will welcome you and give you a good afterlife, but when evil, desire, power, and greed take over your being, death will give you what you deserve. When a person acquires truth and knowledge they obtain the knowledge of justice and live by moral standards. In "The Republic", written by Plato, it says that “the true lover of knowledge is always striving after being --that is his nature; he will not rest in the multiplicity of individuals which is an appearance only, but will go on --the keen edge will not be blunted, nor the force of his desire abate until he have attained the knowledge of the true nature of every essence by a sympathetic and kindred power in the soul.” People who stick to truth and knowledge only want the best for the universe and everyone in it. They will not want power, and popularity but instead will follow what truth tells them. The metamorphosis of truth and good begins.
Society created Inequality. This new idea changed morality and caused destruction of good. In Rousseau's "Discourse on Inequality", inequality between humans is mentioned and how it affects morals and mindsets in people and governments. Inequality is gained by man-made instances. As society grows and changes over time, it also changes how people justify actions and punish evil. Rousseau says, "But we must take notice, that the society now formed and the relations now established among men required in them qualities different from those, which they derived from their primitive constitution; that as a sense of morality began to insinuate itself into human actions...Thus, though men were become less patient, and natural compassion had already suffered some alteration, this period of the development of the human faculties, holding a just mean between the indolence of the primitive state, and the petulant activity of self-love, must have been the happiest and most durable epoch." This tells of how justice isn't always right and how morals have changed in people to something of a more aggressive, greedy state. This sculpture represents how justice has changed from something of scales and truth, to that of a blind mess that has been manipulated by the changes of society. Society has put more evil into the world.
With greed and the want for power, comes evil and selfishness. As society advanced and different levels of power were enacted, the stronger of the people stepped up and took their places as leaders, rulers, and bosses. To keep their power, and become stronger and richer, these people abused their power and enslaved weaker, lower class people as workers. "The power of workers and farmers. Soviet freedom was like this!" shows a government official keeping workers in line against their will and with cruel tactics. Greed and power is the driving force behind these actions. In "The Communist Manifesto" Marx writes that, "Modern industry has converted the little workshop of the patriarchal master into the great factory of the industrial capitalist. Masses of labourers, crowded into the factory, are organised like soldiers…more openly this despotism proclaims gain to be its end and aim, the more petty, the more hateful and the more embittering it is." Money makes strong leaders into cruel tyrants. Society created dictators, and oppressors; evil monsters.
When society overrules knowledge, evil reigns over good. Marx in "The Communist Manifesto" said that "To be a capitalist, is to have not only a purely personal, but a social status in production. Capital is a collective product, and only by the united action of many members, nay, in the last resort, only by the united action of all members of society, can it be set in motion. Capital is, therefore, not a personal, it is a social power." In short he means that no dictator or one person should be in power and should own most of the capital in a society. North Korea, a communist nation, ignores this clause of Marx and made communism aggressive and oppressing. This powerful photo shows how government officials are separated from the common people and have the majority of the power. The people act like slaves and followers that receive no knowledge or true education. They receive only regulated education that enables them to keep following their ruler. Power and capitol turned a nation into a place that contains millions of oppressed, ignorant slaves.
Knowledge and truth create equality, something good for the world. Wollstonecraft, a woman who wants for women and men to be equal, wrote her book, "Vindication on the Rights of Women", to show women that to become strong and equal and gain rights, they must learn reason and educate themselves to show their worth. This mural shows how reason and truth gained equality for slaves. As new ideas and new truths were illuminated through progression of time, more freedom was gained. Truth has come back to save the day.
Knowledge can save morality and light the way to go. The “Tree of Knowledge” with different kinds of people picking its tree, shows that knowledge can help people regain the good in the world and can make the good persevere through the evil. Knowledge also makes all people equal, no matter the race or gender. Equality is moral. Inequality is just a production of society. In the "Vindication of the Rights of Women", Wollstonecraft says “Consequently the perfection of our nature and capability of happiness, must be estimated by the degree of reason, virtue, and knowledge, that distinguish the individual, and direct the laws which bind society: and that from the exercise of reason, knowledge and virtue naturally flow, is equally undeniable, if mankind be viewed collectively.” Reason will bring justice, happiness, and peace back into the world. So is truth or society better? The answer is clear.
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