love is a colorful spectrum - Amanda adams

Throughout time, love has always been thought of as a carefree feeling that comes to you when you find "the one". But artists have depicted the fact that there's so much more to it than just being in love. You can love for a reason, be in love with a person or act, or even lust and believe it to be love. You could use love to get what you want, or truly feel as if you've found the one. This gallery takes you on an emotional trip of how love should be and is thought to be, all the way down to how love is used and manipulated. It includes representations of this spectrum through paint, photo, and other creative mediums. The images included range from depicting Mars and Venus all the way to Life and Death.

Mars and Venus United by Love depicts a romantic relationship between two idolized characters. They stand on the same spectrum; there are no drastic color or pattern changes to show that they are different. The movement of this piece flows, showing they have found the perfect spot on the spectrum.
Radha and Krishna in the boat of love shows a young couple engaged in a soothing activity. The title suggests that this of the romantic variety. The picture is bright with popping colors and the two people depicted are engaged with one another, in a seemingly mutual way. This piece shows compassion and happiness and, as the title suggests, love. They have found a happy place for their romance to blossom on the spectrum.
From the series L'Ailleurs de I'Autre (The Elsewhere of the Other) by Flora shows two young children, one with their arm around the other, staring contently (it seems) at the ocean. The way the two stand and their similar patterns and clothing options tells me that they are family, or friends at the farthest. There's nothing romantic about who they are. Rather, they have found where they can co-exist in peace, knowing one another has love to give. They may not be together, in a romantic sense, but their proximity and poses show that they are, in fact, loving each other at some stance on the spectrum.
Mother's Kiss shows a mother planting a kiss on the face of her small child. It's the purest of all loves; unconditional and desired by many. The spacing between them - which is not much - shows their connection to one another. They have a grown love that was never an option to obtain. It came with the life of the child.
Six musicians playing five different instruments shows a group of people in similar clothing playing multiple instruments. Through the use of multi colorization in the instruments and clothing, it shows that even though these characters have differences with each other, they love what they do as a group. Together they make something beautiful. And, though they may not be the same, it is still a love.
A West Indian Flower Girl and Two other Free Women of Color shows three women, free, standing amongst one another doing whatever they please, as they are free. The love shown in this is the desire for their freedom to continue existing. Being able to dress and do whatever (law abiding, in most cases) they want is a new love, never before experienced. It came with the freedom, and the love will never dissipate as new things can always be discovered through freedom.
Relationship shows a woman leaning down to pick up a man's (assumed to be her husband) shoes. Their faces show that they have probably been together, in a romantic sense, for quite awhile. But, the wife seems...bored, almost. Though the lack of space between one another shows a connection, it seems that the love they once shared has been exhausted by time.
The Unequal Couple (Old Man in Love) shows a mixed couple consisting of a beautiful young woman and an elderly man. The emphasis of his age shows the difference between him and his lover. It isn't known why they are together, but it seems unfair to her, as his face is set in an evil grimace, it seems like. An arranged marriage? A threat? That is unknown. But what is known is that his love is mere lust for something young and new, while she seems to love the idea of letting go of him forever.
Conversation with a Ballerina in the Wings shows a seemingly rich or well off gentleman speaking with a young, pretty ballerina. Though the color is lacking and can't tell us if this piece is supposed to be happy or dark, it seems to me as if the ballerina is trapped in conversation with a person she has no interest in. The lack of space between the two and his cane blocking her path shows he has no desire for her to leave. His love seems to be a lust for something different, something that she can give him. She is trapped in the desire of others. Possibly falling out of love with what she has become.
Death and Life depicts two bundles of different drawings and colors to show the difference in life and death. The colors and shapes are the main points to this image. Darker colors depict a terror in death; crosses show what is to come and a skull is the head of the terror. Meanwhile, the life section has bright colors and a happy couple embracing. They are the biggest, and the brightest. The focal point of the piece. This picture shows a bright life to show the love people have to living. The strongest love you can imagine is shown by death staring at life, lusting for what can no longer be had. The end of the line, the loss of a partner. The loss of love itself.
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