Daniela Romero

Color Schemes

Van Gogh uses a cool color scheme to create the Starry Night because he uses many different types of blues. It creates a peaceful mood.
Van Gogh creates the Flowering plum orchard by using a warm color scheme because of the orange and reds used. It creates a bold mood.
Emilio Vedova uses a monochromatic color scheme to create the impact because he uses one color with various tints. This creates a confusing mood.
Claude Monet uses a triadic color scheme because the blue is the most dominant color shown in the painting. This creates a calming mood.
Claude Monet uses a complementary color scheme to create the Rouen Cathedral because he uses cool colors with warm colors. This creates a pleasant mood.
Claude Monet uses an analogous color scheme to create this artwork because it shares a common color. He is able to create an isolated mood.
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