Art of modern Africa

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this was used for religious ceremonies, as the two women on the top have sacrificial markings on them
this mask may have used for initiation
This mask would have been used in initiation from girl to woman. It represents the idea female beauty. It can be compared to certain African butterfly's chrysalis.
A mask used for initiation into adulthood.
this may have been used initiation, as is spirits were thought to take such animal forms
A mask used in a initiation ceremony from one level of bwami to a higher level.
This may have been a initiation mask, as some initiation masks depict spirits in animal form.
This may have been used in female initiation.
These may have been used ceremonies.
This headdress may have been used for a performance of sorts
This is a power figure, as indicated by the nails and sharp objects that have be driven into it. This is to get the figures attention and prick it into action.
The bilongo on the head of this power figure was use to communicate with spirit forces.
Powere figures were used to communicate with the spirit world, so that mortals could call upon a spirit to aid them in there struggles.
the bilongo around the neck and waist indicate that this is a power figure. Bilongo's are ingredients that are used accordingly to help fix the clients problems.
This Power figure is in a pose of alertness, ready to do its job.
These figures were used as points of contact for ancestors, and a guardians to protect ancestral relics from malevolent spirits.
This figure can be seen guarding the relics of an ancestor.
The birth of twins was celebrated in Africa. Most twins died at birth, or very early on in there childhood. If a twin died, a figure would have be carve as a dwelling place for the child's spirit.
This figure may have been a spirit spouse, as indicated by the glossy surface, which could be a result of washing, dressing, and other actions used with a spirit spouse.
This may have been a spirit spouse
A chief of an African tribe may have sat upon this chair
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