Cities In Composition

Life, Death, Chaos and Peace

The City is shown through a chaotic splash of color and lines but in some odd way when each aspect is put together it appears organized. Much like a City
The picture feels like a representation of death and the passage of time. The building in the center of the frame is old and the bare tree limb branching over it create the feeling of death.
The composition of this image make it appear as if all the life in this city is at one place, the bottom.
The painting makes the city look alive through the use of wavy lines and bright colors that contrast the dark background.
The composition of this image makes the city appear smaller because of the high angle but also infinite because of the angle. Making the City appear tiny but also large.
The painting colors and use of wavy lines makes the building appear like a living organism.
The angle of the image makes the city appear infinite, the unorganized placement of each building give the city a hectic and chaotic feeling.
The colors of this image make the city appear as if it were on fire, and the lack of straight lines helps create the illusion of fire as well.
The wavy lines of the building and the road cause the image to create the illusion that the buildings are warping to the road.
The use of multiple colors and layers give the image a chaotic feeling.
The composition of the image causes the city landscape to appear as if it were the human Brain and the burts of yellow light are electrical signal moving through out the bran.
The composition of the image and its use of wavy lines and bright colors gives the city a feeling of chaotic life.
The low angle used in the painting gives the impression that the two building in the frame are reaching to the sky, as if they are a way to get into the clouds.
The large scale of the fore ground and the dark colors that contrast with the bright colors of the city in the back ground cause the city to appear as an oasis.
The painting uses of wavy lines shows motion which shows life.
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