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What captured my attention is that this painting looks concrete. As you can see, the state of the tree is not perfect, and we can notice the heaped trees, but that doesn't mean is not beautiful or meaningless.
If you look close, you can see people in her eyes and in her forehead. They look upset, and desiring power. I like how they putted that with different color, it stands out. It has many details and lines.
The flowers looks real, and attracts the eye because of how the painter drew them with different colors. It looks peaceful, calm and a place to meditate. Very colorful because of the sky, flowers, reflection on the river and more.
The title has a connection with the drawing. It does not show us people or nature, thats why is invisible, but is still there. The essence is invisible, but that does not mean is gone. We can see movement in the painting.
This drawing has perspective, and it looks realistic. I like the title, all things pass because we can relate it with the drawing. Theres no people but it does show us movement, that tell us that all things pass.
How the word "peace" was used in a place who looks peaceful and beautiful, really connects to each other. I like how the word stands out, and with the sun beside it.
I like this drawing because it looks just so packed, and full. It is so next to each other, and that really attracts my eye. We can connect this painting with the title, "packed wind".
Showing little girls smiling and being happy, really makes me like this painting. They just have hope and faith that everything is going to be ok. How they putted more than one girl was a clever idea.
I like this drawing because I like animals. Not only that but how they are showing the animal in a misterious place. The lines, or the bird's foot, is very interesting and cool. It looks like roots.
Summer flowers are beautiful, and we need to make our life like that. Beautiful and worth it. Full of love, passion, friends and happiness. The flowers behind the two zebras makes the painting happy and enjoyable to look.
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