There is a definite visible repetition of shapes occurring making a pattern. What is interesting is how they all seem to be connected to each other giving a sense of unity.
There is a rhythm that seems to circle around the center focal point. within the rhythm is the same pattern of cracks.
The rhythm is seen through the repetition of what looks like a flower amidst each section of gold.
There seems to be several patterns. There is a pattern that wraps around the entire piece, and then another separate pattern within it.
Similar to the previous there is a pattern/rhythm that wraps around the center pattern. To me it seems a little chaotic, lots of colors and shapes.
This, like the previous has a pattern that wraps around the border with a separate pattern on the inside of the border. less chaotic
There is a pattern that goes from big bead to small bead. The beads are not all the same, aside from the gold small ones, but there is a pattern and repetition from big to small.
There is a rhythm to this piece. the same shape is repeated causing a repetition of pattern.
There is a rhythm of lines on this object. The pattern repeats itself, and it also demonstrates a nice texture. You can almost feel the rigidness and indents of the ceramic.
Similar to the previous, there is a repetition of lines that causes a rhythm and sense of unity.
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