Compostion, color, and story, by robbie mcqueeney

Although I don't think romantic is the right word, I love the epic scale and fantastic contrast between the dark and mysterious ground and nice and bright sky.
I like the muted colors in this picture, I find it funny that the lady probably wanted to appear good looking in this painting, but the color use makes her look dull and sad.
This painting intrigues me, I'm curious of the reasoning behind of all the spirals and odd looking stars.
I like odd paintings like this, it makes no sense, and that makes me curious at the meaning behind it, and I really enjoy the use of the red compared to the flat background.
I like how this one tells a bit of a story more directly compared to the rest. It's mysterious and you really look from character to character to really read and understand the emotion.
I like in this picture how it shows such a massive and beautiful landscape, but also tells a bit of a story. Your curious and look for someone to accompany the un-occupied boat.
This one caught my eye simply cause I couldn't understand it at all. It makes you think about its meaning, I like the composition with how they frame it, but can't come up with any possible meanings.
I really enjoy nature paintings, and I think this one really comes out beautiful. It looks massive and has a bright beautiful sky. However I don't like how I can't tell whats going on with the people.
I'm a big fan of colors, and all though this one I think is more of visual entertainment and less meaningful, I think it still looks great and beautiful with its references to abstract expressionism.
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