Green, Nature's color

Green has been my favorite color since I was a young boy. I was born in Puerto Rico. Its a beautiful island with a majestic flora. I truly think that Nature's color is green because of every plant, fruit, vegetable and even some wildlife is green. But not only on the surface on the earth. Even down in the ocean there is a green world to explore

A young man and his parent in front of their house in day time. This is a very simple example of Nature. A Nice green plain.
A house and a small field of flower. This painting has many colors but green is still a dominating color.
This is a picture of The Concurs. This is an amazing mix of Culture and Nature its self.
A colorful forest. This forest has so many tree's everywhere that there is no point of focus anywhere.
A Photo about a small park that has strings tied to the trees to create a small Maze. This image brings out colors in a very vivid way. It really fuze nature and modern day art.
A tree with many birds in their nest. This is a really good example of Flora and Fauna together.
A green lizard on a plant. The is a good example of two green things created by nature.
A small reunion of people in a nearby park. This image can show how people and nature come together in an image.
It shows a lake, a few cows and a small area that seems to be a farming ground. Even the lake has a green feel to the image. The focus of the image is the small forest to the right.
A simple flower facing the sun. This another simple example of green and nature.