The elements Of Art

This person used shape in their photo to make this piece of paper look 3-D. They separated the sheet into three triangles, and then keep drawing squares in the middle.
This artist showed a lot of color in their painting of a boat. They used almost every single color on the color wheel, as the clouds.
This person used line in their piece of artwork. They mainly used line in their artwork, by drawing the swirls from the alka .
This person shows space. The artist drew the cows at the front of the line smaller, and the cows at the back of the line all look smaller
This artist showed texture in their picture. The texture is in the fur of the bunny rabbit.
This artist used much form in their master piece. This picture is an image of a rice field in South America. The showed 3-dimensional forms, in the shelf like fields, that the early people in South America farmed in.
This person shows value in this picture, because the artist drew the tree in different shades of gray. The things that would be further away are dark, and the things that are closer, are a lighter gray.
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