Sydney Petitt

The Great Wall of China was built not only for its protection, but also to show the strength of the nation.
In Ancient China, pottery was used to express emotion and opinions at the home, toward the government, and for the gods.
In Ancient China if a figure was sewn into a tapestry, that person was one of wealth, power, and/or stature.
Buddha is a very important figure in China, prominent for Buddhism which is a major religion in China.
Fish is a major part of the culture and trade in China. Many families on major holidays in China cook a big fish to show wealth.
Many of the old towns and architecture are explored, even if they are not inhabited anymore. This is to honor the ancestors.
The Chinese paint portraits of important places and things in their culture.
This Ceremonial Harvesting Knife was used to honor the way of the ancestors.
Trade has and is a big part of China's culture.
These rice marshes in China are very important for Chinese employment, exports, and plays into the culture of their food.
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