Clare209Sum1- Fav Sculp

This is my gallery of my favorite sculptures from the site. Some sculptures are extremely simple, while others are extremely complex, so please just take a look at all the different works with an open mind. I have included descriptions under each sculpture. ENJOY! :)

This first sculpture I chose is called "Veiled Lady" by Pietro Rosso. I chose this sculpture because I though it said a lot about the time period in which it was created. During those times, people liked have busts of figures in their houses as decoration. This bust features a lady in a veil, which could be a lady getting ready to get married. I think it's simple, elegant, and beautiful.
The second sculpture I chose is called "Mountains, Valleys, Caves" by James Agnus. I chose this sculpture because I thought it was awesome how such a simple sculpture could give you the illusion of seeing actual mountains, valleys, and caves. I like how simple it is, being all white and plain, yet one is able to look at it and immediately think of the landscape.
The third sculpture I chose is called "Sugar and Spice" by Don Driver. I chose this piece because I thought it was extremely strange looking. I have no idea what the whole point of it is, but I think its really cool how the artist used different parts in order to create a whole work of art!
The fourth sculpture I chose is called "Death.." by Unknown. This sculpture is from around the 1900s. I think it's really cool because it shows a dead human being eaten by vultures and other birds of prey. It almost gives a powerful statement of death by showing the circle of life.
The last sculpture I chose is my absolute favorite, called "Stairs" by Magdalena Jetelova. It reminds me of the moving stains in Hogwartz in the Harry Potter movies. I really like how the simple structure of the wood carvings give the illusion of a long line of stairs leading up to the ceiling.
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