a time of peace and war by Winslow homer

In this exhibition, I will showcase the many different styles of art Winslow Homer created throughout his lifetime. He has captured beautiful moments of serenity and times of war.

This oil painting defines a routine task of hunting during the 19th century, Something many can still relate to.
Here Homer creates a look into the camp life of a civil war soldier with this oil painting.
This portrait of a young girl sitting inside on a bright day shows a peaceful scene after the Civil War
Here we see a young boy observing two deer from the edge of the river. I for one can relate to this as watching wildlife can be intriguing and entertaining
Homer captures the outdoors and portrays it onto the canvas with impeccable quality. I would love to have this piece in my home.
This piece is wood engraving on newsprint. It shows some diversity in Homer's style of art.
Homer strayed from normal contemporary artist at the time and chose not to depict the war from the view of the general on the sidelines of the battle but from the view of the common soldier.
From a series of campaign sketches we see a women assisting a wounded soldier compose a letter to send back home during the civil war. Another exhibit of the harder times in history.
Finally we see a peaceful shore line from the Bermuda. Homer uses watercolor here to give less detail to the piece but a brighter and clearer idea of the scene.
Credits: All media
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