Contrast of our universe          (jim baldivia)

I want this gallery to show how beautiful our planet and the universe is. We all have an idea of what its like to be in space but with these paintings, we can see at a different point of view of how majestic our universe really is. 

This painting shows what a planet looks likes from up close but far behind it, is a giant galaxy filled with millions of plants. I have this in my gallery because of how small we look in out universe,
We all have an idea of what it looks like from space at night. He is showing how our civilization still shines through the darkness and how we engulfed the world.
When the sun shines onto our planet, we can see the beautiful colors that the planet has produced. The blue oceans to the bright green trees blowing in the clear air.
Our universe is dark and mysterious. With the naked eye, its hard to see what lurks in the shadows. Lifeless minerals, like astroids, dwindle in the darkness places of space.
I like this piece because of what we view the universe as and what is in it. We all believe that jesus is always above us, looking after us all.
This painting shows how many stars their are in the dark universe. Even though they looks small, they do carry millions of planets. I chose this because of how the galaxies looks from a far.
Bang brought out the colors of the world as if hot and cold were visible. I chose this because of how the south of the equator is hot while the north of the equator is cold.
I like how the artist showed how radiant our planet is because of how many souls live on this planet. This fits my galaxy because we are the only planet with life.
I like this because of how we never landed on the moon until the Apollo mission, its amazing to be able to see what it is to be on another planet besides our own.
I like how the artist shows how the planet has souls and how they are all connected with their souls. I like this to be the last because it shows we are connected.
Credits: All media
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