Surreptitious- dallesandra santiago

 In this gallery you will find depictions of  women throughout history who have had to keep something hidden because because it would not be approved of. Women have had to hide their desires for centuries. Whilst men could and would do whatever their hearts desired. Within these images I hope to show you that living in worlds behind closed doors produces an air of silence, emptiness and loneliness. 

Albrecht Dürer creates this highly detailed engraving of four naked women together chatting together in a tightly formed circle.. Through intricate use of shading and his delicate lines he is able to provide us with a perfectly proportioned version of the female body. This piece initially caught my attention because it reminded me of how in today's society women go in groups to the restroom. I feel this fits within my theme because of the female's faces. They are in conversation. Naked. As one female slyly looks down at the other's bodies .
Tiziano Vecelio use of color and texture allure anyone that looks upon this. The detail that he put into painting the sheets and pillow to create such a soft supple look shows me he wishes to emphasize that fact. He goes even further and creates a sort of glow around the elongated lines he used to create her body. Which further emphasizes the softness. Even the dog looks fluffy and soft. His style and fascinating use of deep, rich colors on this oil on canvas painting is very consistent with that of the Renaissance era. I chose this to fit my theme because of what is going on in the background. To create balance Tiziano paints a girl on her knees looking into a big chest. There is a woman standing over her. A nanny perhaps. I feel as though the nanny is trying to keep the girl distracted as to not see what her mother is doing.
This erotic oil on canvas painting by Gericault is of Polygamy. He brings this painting to life with his use of lighting. Providing an unseen light source from one side of the room only helps to maintain a look of inscrutability. He uses softer, curvy lines and brush strokes to romanticize the look. I chose this to fit my theme because of it's taboo feeling. Gericault uses dark coloring to create a mood of secrecy. Also the fact that this painting was never intended to be publicly viewed helped to solidify the feeling of secrecy. The sensuality that emerges from this painting is emergent the moment you look at it. The half hidden half in the light nature of the subject is what makes it alluring.
This black and white photograph shows two women with their faces touching as they hold hands.A traditional greeting. Mr. Lles creates a scene of intimacy by providing a black backdrop and no distractions. I chose this for my collection because it is such an intimate encounter. Two women so close, eyes closed almost as if at any moment they would kiss but they can't.
Love in Idleness by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema is a painting of two women sitting. Thinking. The piece is full of texture. He takes great care to show how hard the wood and marble surfaces are by creating deep lines and fashioning them into crevices. By doing this he leads our minds to appreciate the softness he creates of the rug. The lines and shading used to create the brown dress make you believe you can really feel the fabric. I chose this for my gallery because of the way the girls are situated. The red head sits and stares longingly at her beautiful friend. Roses in hand. Petals strewn about like she was playing "She loves me. She loves me not." As her friend stares off into space not even noticing. There is a look of heartache in the red haired girls face. Maybe her friend pines for another. Even in the marble wall behind them you can see women falling about in despondence.
In this picture Ernst Kirchner presents us with Three Bathers. His depiction of three naked women standing in the water is intensified by the movement he creates with the waves. He uses longer soft lines to create the supple forms of the maidens. While contrasting that with multitudes of short rigid lines to create a sense of fast and unpredictableness in the waves of the ocean. I chose this as part of my collection because of their proximity. Their closeness shows a sort of unspoken bond. Like they are supporting each other in their time of need. The way that the two younger women engulf the older woman as they walk provides me with a sense of protection for her.
Two Musician Girls is a piece bathed in bright rich colors. Mr. Hamdi Bey provides us with great visual content in his intricate use of his brush strokes to provide precise detail in every aspect of this painting. His use of lighting helps to emphasize the girls and textures. I chose this oil painting because of the way the young girl sitting on the floor was looking up at her friend. Such longing in her expression.
Egon Schiele's adaptation of two women in this pencil, water color and gouache on paper is a dramatic portrayal of lesbianism. In Two Women Embracing he breaks barriers not only with views of society but with himself and his artistic style. Schiele's use of rounded lines help to give his subjects a sense of realism. The vertical placement of the women draw our attention to the long lines he used to create the nude's body. Even in this style of expressionism he still manages to create a sense of texture within the ruffles of the dress. From his strategic vantage point above he is able to create almost a voyeuristic approach to this view as he showcases intimacy and proximity. I chose this to be in my gallery because of the look on the naked woman's face. Her face seems to portray a look of annoyed disturbance as if someone just walked in on them.
Mr. Schiele yet again provides us with two women intertwined. In this colored pencil drawing he takes special care to provide his nude subject with deep strong outlines to accentuate her curvaceous body. I chose this for my gallery because Schiele chose to draw these lesbian lovers from above. In his last depiction his subject looked annoyed. In this depiction she looks tired and content. Her partner's smile is evidence of happiness.
The Black Iris is an oversized depiction of a flower. Georgia O'Keeffe painted this in 1926. By scaling the flower to the size of the canvas she was able to show us with intricate detail what the flower looks like. Her use of color is what she uses in this to help put emphasis on the petal edges as well as the center of the flower. She strategically uses lines and shading to give the flower a more texturized look. The coloring helps to set a mood of bleakness or depression. I chose this for my gallery because of what I see in the painting. I see a woman looking down. Shrouded by the petals. Hidden. Sad and lonely.
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