A Study of perspective 

The following images have been organized together to show various plays on perspective. I think a large part of creating works of art has to do with perceiving the world around you, and figuring out a way of communicating your perception. I think what makes a work great is when it is an authentic reflection of your individual perceptions. I thought these works all show interesting ways of looking.. The majority of the images included are landscapes or images with no obvious single subject leaving room for your focus to drift around. One of the artists, Doyang Zu, creates inverted photographs of nature questiong how we see the world. I have also included works by Cezanne because he was know for his studies in perspective. I thought these images related to the concepts we studied about the gaze and how there are differences in the way people percieve things. I think art and visual culture celebrate. I also thought the images related to the theme of art and science in the way the photographs are manipulates and how math is heavily involved in works like Perspective Box of a Dutch Interior. 

Credits: All media
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