History of Myths

I chose both Mythology and Line Elements. Myths have always been a passion of mine and they get more and more interesting the further you go back in history. From Greeks to the Pagans, but myths stretch throughout time. I also chose Line elements because they play a big part in almost all pieces of art work. You can find the same style art work, but using line elements in different ways makes you almost feel like you never seen that style piece before.

Looking at this vase the first thing is Nymphe is depicted in the middle. Above her is a things of flowers that are suspended in the air. To the right even though part of it is lost there is a woman in a wedding gown. The rest is unrecognizable. The Theme I have chosen is Mythology/Line. This style vase has them both. It depicts a deity of Greek religion which is telling the story of her protecting over marriage. Then using line element they bring life to the character in the vase.
The vase depicts Amphora, Hercules, and Busiris seeming to dance around. These three characters are depicted everywhere in Greek history. Line elements can be seen throughout but mostly in the clothes and other garments.
This Particular piece is showing Hercules wrestling Triton. Both of these characters like before are well known through out history and have many myths about them. Line elements make the figure of Hercules pop out more as he fights for his life.
This is a sculpture of The Kritios Boy. The Kritios Boy is used in mythology of the Greeks. Using Line elements they have created a statue that shows more of the human figure.
This is a depiction of Hercules with game in hand. Hercules was one of the demigods and son of Zeus. Line Elements give this three-dimensional image great quality and brings life to the story.
This piece is the Head of Poseidon. Poseidon is the Greek god of the sea and is depicted in many myths. Lines elements are used throughout this piece and most can be found in his wave like beard.
Now we are looking at the Head of Jupiter. Jupiter is another of the Greek gods depicted on many myths. Connecting his hair and beard this head uses line elements to show age on the sculpture.
In this we see winged children running around playing with putti under a grape tree. This is a depiction of what some pagans believed to be playing in the woods. Using line elements in the work they were able to make it seem like a more three-dimensional space.
This a Painting of Perseus in the top left freeing Andromeda from chains. Both characters in this are from Greek Myths. Lines elements bring the women’s figure to most realistic style and hair would also seem real.
Credits: All media
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