Elements of Art

sarah templeton bush

Sherrie Levine uses line in an interesting way in this image. The weight of the line stays pretty light, and it looks almost like she has a shakey hand. That makes the image seem fragile, and weak.
Coupland uses color beautifully to create a cool landscape. The many variations of hue make the image feel active, though the cool color palate is calming.
Theo van Doesburg uses geometric shapes to modernize this poster design. The image feels flat, and, though it is an image of an ancient character, the flattened geometric shapes make it feel modern.
This painting is a strong example of simplified form. Sort of like in the Archer poster before, this image breaks a complex organic form up into more simplified geometric planes. Each side is flat, but the lady feels like she takes up space.
A vast sense of space is created in this painting through making objects smaller and lighter as they retreat. The space gives a sense that the tiger is dwarfed by his surroundings. Usually a tiger is more prominent in artwork.... it makes him feel small.
This artwork is site specific, making it an interesting use of space. The room feels clean and sterile, and the reflections of the screens builds an even bigger sense of space.
No woman No Cry shows a strong use of texture. This multimedia piece only gets more interesting the more you zoom in on it. There are a huge variety of textures that add to the "homebuilt" feel of the piece.
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